“Life Sciences Jobs” in @ClubHouse – “Medical Devices´ Engineering & Manufacturing”

Last Tuesday (April 27, 2021) we had a great session on “Engineering and Manufacturing of Medical Devices” with Oscar Castaño Sánchez & Alfredo Sierra Aparici in the framework of “Life Sciences Jobs” of #ClubHouse – moderated by Sergio Hinchado Leal and myself. This is what the session left us:

* The Zimmer Biomet Dental manufacturing plant in Valencia (Spain) went from being an artesanal workshop to a leading global production factory: +350 employees, 40 m€ in turnover and +2 million dental components implanted in more than 60 countries.

* The company has gone through several M&A, considering their established culture as part of its success and survival, and being defined with the 3Hs model: Humility, Honesty and Humor.

* Despite the impact of the pandemic, they have already returned to the same manufacturing and personnel volumes as before COVID.

* Their talent strategy is based on two pillars: 1) production employees, with a focus on Vocational Education professionals and 2) Engineers and specialists, actively collaborating with universities in the area.

* Being a highly regulated sector, they see the factory of the future more digital, paperless and with more simplified, standardized and automated processes.

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